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Welcome to Touhutalo!

Touhutalo has lifted the family-freetime to a whole new level in Kokkola and Ylivieska. Children of all ages - along with adults - find a full variety of fun and adventure in Touhutalo.


  • Adventure labyrinths for over 250 m2
  • slides, tunnels, obstacle courses
  • 15-meter super-slides
  • Ball pools, bouncy castles
  • Pedal cars and -bikes
  • A safe climbing-wall for children
  • skill- and educating games
  • In addition to the main playground, separated safe areas for the smaller ones
    (0-4 years old, babies and toddlers)


Touhutalo Kokkola
Heinolankaari 12, Kokkola
044 500 2008

Touhutalo Ylivieska
Ruutihaantie 10, Ylivieska
040 0386977